Sexuality is the expression of sex, the way we express ourselves as men or women, and the affinity that we feel towards one or the other sex makes us distinguish whether our behavior is homo, bi or heterosexual. For this reason I have friends, yes, whom I must keep happy. What can I gain by wasting my semen with someone who is not worth it? I mean, I don't want relationships, do you understand me? But I'm not going to fuck an aunt who hasn't earned it or isn't up to it either.

If you begin to feel that no matter how positive and good the hunting process is and how flattered you feel by those who feed your ego telling you that you are your top lover, don't hesitate for a moment and abandon that On the way, you need to identify and recognize the feeling of emptiness that you experience. Do not be alarmed, it is not that something is missing, it is that you fall and in free fall there will always be a void that is impossible to avoid.

Natural: I like who are you?

You will never be a person who is going to like the whole world, so stop thinking that this will happen. That is the reason why so many girls register on sites where people can comment on them; they think that maybe they will be that person adored by everyone. But they do nothing but waste time uselessly.

The solution and the consequences and responsibilities to be faced are not the same for everyone. Not even the best of our friends or spiritual teachers can solve for us a DECISION and a Path, which is only in ourselves. However, life gives each being its due, inviting them to make the right decision; In other words, life itself makes us free to take the Yoke that we prefer.

The men are very rational, and they don't understand the emotional background and the pride and prestige involved: they believe that everything is spoken clearly, and then if only fun was arranged, then it is the contract. They demand women to be clear, and to tell them what they want, and if they want sex, then that's fine. If they were told that it was only sexual interest, why not believe them? But there was 1) deception and the contract was a hoax, 2) self-deception because the false nymphomaniac, to try to feel better about her past of failed adventures, deceives herself and believes that this is what she wants, she boasts with her friends from her liberal life, and hides that she feels empty on the inside and despised. After the deception, behind the self-deception, everything explodes one day, everything explodes, everything is a huge crisis of screaming and crying, and accusations as if the surprised man was a ruthless man who used it.

A coffee date doesn't have the same background as a dinner date

When you go to read a person's body, you must observe the entire set of gestures. In this way, the probability of making an incorrect reading will be less. In the case of hunger, what can be observed in the baby is that the tongue can be put out of the mouth, in an attempt to humidify the lips, which can be followed by turns of the head to the sides. Still, the baby may try to put his hands to his mouth.

Sometimes we find our lover in our partner, in other cases in someone who is not our partner. We also tend to find it in scientific research, in music, in politics, in sports, at work when it is vocational, in the need to spiritually transcend, in friendship, at good food, in study, or in the pleasure of a healthy hobby.

Do you think 12 minutes is not enough to have exquisite, surreal and super satisfying sex? Well, think again. Recent research at the McGill University Health Center in Montreal, Canada used thermal imaging to measure increased blood flow to the genital areas of men and women. The study concluded that both men and women reach maximum arousal in 12 minutes or less; men reach maximum sexual arousal in 665 seconds, plus or minus 10 minutes, while women reach maximum arousal in 743 seconds. McGill's research heats up the power of super-charged and speedy sex.

That the other is more rational, that he thinks sanely

My name is Sol, an ardent and warm lover of Latin blood. With plump lips, a face that makes you fall in love with its tender mischief and sweet-eyed eyes, I will be able to apprehend you from the first moment … I will take you by the hand to take you to bed, I will let you undress me little by little so that You will find irresistible curves under my clothes that will not fail to surprise you very pleasantly …

Virtues of the sailing ship

A few years ago, a survey carried out in England revealed that harmoniously coexisting marriages had noticed a decrease in sexual interest over time. The reduction of sexual desire tends to occur much more frequently than is believed, although frequent sexual activity is convenient and is a hygienic measure since it activates the physiological nervous functions of the nervous and peripheral systems, in addition to cardiovascular and endocrine.

I would be a zebra, and now I ask you, what are the peculiarities of a zebra?

Can you imagine all that we can enjoy together? Call me, meet me and enjoy forgetting everything. You will discover how intense the pleasure can be when the man and the woman decide to enjoy themselves and give themselves as if the planet were to end tomorrow. On this road, with an orange sunset, I see how one cycle ends to start another. The sunset calls the sunset of another day; riding, we have passed the time again, so I will have to watch to see a place to camp, which I think will be close by now.