The routine comes and you don't realize it, right? Suddenly, where the Metro rides were simply by being together, there is arriving home and sitting on the sofa to look at the smartphone; where going to the zoo or the amusement park was before, it becomes going to the in-laws' house to eat; where he was going out to dinner and preparing romantic nights, now he's having dinner watching Game of Thrones or any series that hooks us… Sure, we like that too, but does it make us feel butterflies? The answer is as short as it is clear: number

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If you allow yourself to be influenced by the opinions of others when it comes to choosing your partner, you will not be very sure of what you do because, instead of looking at the good in her, you will focus your attention on her defects and, on Consequently, you will lose all interest.

However, the most frequent condition is the progressive loss of sexual interest. After a while, it causes the feeling that sex is not necessary. Despite having intense feelings for the partner, the sex life simply turns off.

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This idea is reinforced by a study carried out at the University of Northumbria, in Newcastle (United Kingdom). According to this study, the speed at which a man sets the pace in dance is directly related to the amount of testosterone that the man has. Being testosterone the hormone that regulates male sexual characteristics, it is understood that women can mentally and unconsciously associate the fact of dancing well with being a good lover.


Of other machines, such as vibrators and those that give massages, it is claimed that they suppress tissues and fat cells, but the reality is that if you do not eat less you will not lose weight, no matter how many machines you use. If you have any money, buy a machine that lets you simulate a race, a rowing machine or a stationary bike. If they are used regularly, they will contribute from then on to improve your physical form.

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Indeed love shapes the experiences of our lives, but we may not have it very clear or very present. If we observe what we naturally feel for our children we can realize that many of the Speaking from the depths of psychology and beyond the social there are 4 ways of seeing life, that is, the ways in which one interprets what is going on. living and gives meaning to the things that happen to him, for a more detailed clarification you have the alternative of clicking on the link売 春 婦 trampling . These forms are learned from an infant during the interaction with the mother figure, and survive until death.

Imagination and a few basic purchases can help transform your traditional 1950s ranch home into the lair of a female pirate, the gynoecium of an outraged Sultana or the bedroom of Catalina la Grande. Most people who are seriously involved in Dominance games turn a spare room or basement into a game room. A of the bondage equipment described in Text 8, you should have eye bolts screwed into the walls at the level of the ankles, knees, waist, and outstretched hands of your sub, so that you can tie him to the wall. . A sturdy straight chair is useful for seated bondage and above-knee spanking. It is nice to have a four poster bed.

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Created by Wilhelm Reich, a disciple of Freud, this researcher tried to prove that many of the sensitive problems and their coherent muscular alterations were produced by the inability to achieve a satisfactory orgasm. Naturally, the absence of orgasms, either due to lack of intimate relationships or frigidity, would lead to considerably more serious health problems, quite difficult in principle to relate. This scholar found that most apparently strong people, either in character or physically, were actually wrapped in armor to defend themselves from the outer planet. The inability to express weaknesses, to complain, would lead to an imbalance in health, in exactly the same way as not being able to have satisfactory climaxes.

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Frame the entire restaurant experience so that our partner feels comfortable: explain that you are capable of allowing yourself that detail since it is for a very special reason that you want to go there; tell him everything about the restaurant beforehand, and so on. It is vitally important that you do not stop, that you keep it dynamic. Touching them is not enough. Actually with this you still have not done the necessary thing. This kind of communication is not about doing it for seven minutes and then having everything ready. If you want to kiss her as soon as possible, you must have continuous and dynamic contact with her. You need to give life to your new relationship with small movements until the end.