According to certain tantric traditions the Ida transports the semen (male) and the Pingala the ovum (female). The Susumna, by its, leads to the Kundalini (the Sakti housed in the subtle body) through the Cakras when it is activated. One of my dreams was to become a great seducer. I don't remember when I started to love him, maybe it was when I discovered that I was attracted to women and stopped running after them to pull them by the ponytail and make them rage to go after them and steal a kiss or a little attention.

Ask yourself directly and in advance if that fetish turns you on or not

When introducing this new term we must consider what implications the fact of developing an activity between 2 people has. When we do something individually, great dilemmas do not usually arise, resolutions are simple to take, still at the risk of being confused, and the objectives to be achieved are usually clearer.

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As with spanking, start off lightly, then work hard, seeing how long it can take. And while you bang her, apply some sweet caresses to her irritated butt, caress her breasts or else make a mallet and kiss her neck momentarily or two. For light belts, start closer to your butt and just flick up and down with your wrist. The more difficult the belt is, the more distance you will need between your hand and his butt, which means that the higher you go and the harder you will lower it. Stop for a moment, and when she's relaxed and aroused again, go back to the belt and tell her to brand her for the fact that she's a little bad. Tell him this is what you want and ask him if he wants it harder and harder. In the game, she may protest while you move on, but if she is genuinely uncomfortable, she should use the safe word that tells you to stop.

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Your beauty and dominion transports me to another world; A planet that has no worries, no worries, no confrontations. There you are, everything that matters; My queen, my blogger, my superior wife. (From Another World, a James poem dedicated to Kathy, 1998)

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It is then that the questions, the claims, the metaphors, the reflections, the songs and poems come, and each and every one of those justifications that take away from us the ability to respond to conflicting experiences. It is difficult to answer assertively and analyze what I did and in what direct or indirect way it influences my experiences. Changing goes beyond identifying in the other what I do not want to be, changing requires articulating a methodology that allows us to reorder our personal way of seeing life.

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But not just masturbating for the fact of masturbating and having an orgasm. Yes, if you are used to playing with yourself, you probably just want to finish it once. You think of climax as the goal. But if you want to progress your sex life, the way forward is slow. Orgasms are great, but they are not always and in all circumstances the goal. The goal here is to know yourself and what you think.

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There is nothing stronger than true love

Pornography adds to the list of products that produce income, such as drugs, weapons, counterfeit bills, piracy and others. It is a lifestyle and they exploit everything they can, in their eagerness to grow their coffers easily and immediately. They do not mind committing all kinds of crimes. If you are really worried, or if it happens a lot, there are other conditions that can cause this, some of them serious, so you should see your doctor in those cases. A fistula, or a connection between the vagina and the colon, is a serious condition that can sometimes cause this, with an accompanying odor, unlike common vaginal flatulence, which is odorless.

As a receptive principle, the woman is capable of creating a serene environment. Through relaxation, you easily step into your element and transform into an irresistible treat. Your presence invites by positive force and your desire is no longer a frustrated demand. When you learn to become an open space, a totally present void, you will experience that masculine energy is likewise free to be received and absorbed, and transformed into something dimensional and totally new. In this alchemy between male and female elements an attractive electromagnetic force arises. When a woman falls into the feminine principle, she realizes the true meaning of sex, and the true joy of being with a man begins.